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Our Story


Our motto at El Sol is “a natural way to feeling better”. We believe in Planet Earth and its healing powers. There are so many resources here for a natural, more organic way to feel better mentally and physically. We see and understand how difficult life can be and want to offer a sense of peace and relief to the world through providing 100% natural herbal products. Not only that, but we also want to be a safe place for people to feel comfortable learning more about a holistic way of life. We realize the importance in healing the world and believe it all starts with healing ourselves first. 


Our overall mission is to provide you with quality herbal products while still holding ourselves accountable for creating a healthy and accepting community for ALL people to grow and flourish in this life. We believe ALL people should have access to products that can help to heal them from the inside out to promote a better quality of life. El Sol herbal products are for EVERYONE. We believe that as human beings we are not only physical beings, but spiritual too. We prioritize providing products that not only care for your physical self, but also your mental and spiritual self as well.  


It’s vital to us that we protect and care for this beautiful planet and all the wonderful resources she provides for us. We strive to minimize our carbon footprint through using biodegradable packaging, limiting the use of plastics, and hand crafting each product with much love and intent. El Sol uses only the best of the best when it comes to product production. The herbs used are 100% organic and sourced ethically from a US distributor. We look forward to being able to share these wonderful herbs and their spiritual, physical, and psychological properties with you in hopes of providing you a natural way to feeling better. 


We pour our heart into every product and appreciate the opportunity to share our passions with you all. By supporting our small, black owned business, you will be helping to contribute to furthering our goals and missions and we are extremely grateful for that. 


With peace and love always


El Sol Herbal Co

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